Linage 2 Revolation

What Is Lineage 2?

In 2003, NCSoft developed and published a fantasy MMORPG game — Lineage II. The game was made for the Microsoft Windows platform as a prequel to the original Lineage. It became famous for its colossal PvP combats, clans with Clan Halls, and advanced battle systems. More than a decade after the release, Lineage 2 has marked numerous updates.

The narrative of Lineage 2 takes the player 150 years before the events from the original Lineage. This is a 3D game set on the land between three kingdoms in war.


Lineage 2 is one of the most popular South Korean video games. Since it was published, it has come across both bad and good reception. Most of the relevant game reviewers gave it a rating of around 6.

Aggregated ratings for this game on Metacritic were 62 out of 100. GameRankings gave the game 65%, and they even gave Kamael race 57%. The reviewer for GameRankings noted that this game wasn’t for casual players and that it offered somewhat stiff challenges. Still, more than ten years of updates and constant development is what has made this game played and relevant.

Characters, Classes, Subclasses

Depending on which character you choose, you will get access to some of 36 classes Lineage has. Players start with a basic class which they can upgrade throughout the game.

You can choose one of six races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Dark Elf, and Kamael. After this, you will pick your class. Races like Humans, Orcs, Dark Elves, and Elves can be Mystics or Fighters; Dwarfs can only play Fighters, while the Kamael race can play as Soldiers.

Linage 2 characters

As you go from one level to another, you will be able to earn a subclass:

  • Your Human avatar can become Paladin, Hawkeye, Dark Avenger, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Bishop, Warlord, Gladiator, or Prophet;
  • An Elf will become Sword Singer, Plains Walker, Temple Knight, Elemental Summoner, Spellsinger, Silver Ranger, and Elven Elders;
  • Dark Elves can be Shillien Knights, Abyss Walkers, Phantom Rangers, Blade Dancers, Spell Howlers, Phantom Summoners, and Shilien Elders;
  • Orcs have subclasses like Destroyers, Overlords, Tyrants, and Warcryers;
  • Dwarves can become Bounty Hunters and Warsmiths;
  • Kamaels can be Soul Breakers, Berserkers, and Arbalesters.

Each of the players can have a monster pet as well as weapons, jewelry, and equipment like necklaces, belts, and magic ornaments that help them complete the quest.


Many things happen in the warzone between three kingdoms. So the map of the game is divided according to that. The Elmore and Aden are two kingdoms that share a continent, while the kingdom of Gracia is a separate continent.

Online Game Maps

Territories separate all of the kingdoms with castles and jurisdictions. There are also hunting zones, fortresses, and arenas, which give you plenty of possibilities to explore, upgrade, and win various combats.

How to Start Playing

The site from which you can access L2 is 4game. First thing you need to do is sign in or register. Then you’ll be able to find Lineage on the list, install it, and start playing. Pretty simple. Right?

Now, there is also the modern version of L2 — Fafurion Chronicles. The first thing that will lure you to try this version is excellent graphics. The other is a possibility to play it for free, and you can play it both on Android and PC.

Should You Play L2?

Even though it’s considered an average MMORPG, you could say that Lineage 2 has a pretty long history of playing and development. It offers plenty of options with various versions and extensions.

But the truth is that if you play to win, you will need to be prepared for some purchasing. You will have to find mentioned upgrades (also outfits, weapons, jewelry, and magic ornaments) in the store and boost your character for battle by buying it. So if you are willing to pay, you will have the full MMORPG experience. The decision is, as always, yours to make.

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