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Blackjack counts as one of the most widespread and most-beloved casino card games to ever grace the gambling world. Much of that popularity has to do with its bare-bones premise. All one needs to do in order to win at blackjack is to get as close to 21 with their cards. It’s engaging, and it’s incredibly easy to get into.

Online blackjack has, by that token, received just as much love as the physical kind. It even has an edge or two over its land-based predecessor. One of its main advantages is the ability to enjoy it from anywhere, rather than having to come to a brick-and-mortar betting establishment.

Another perk is that they are available in online casinos, and these tend to offer a slew of wonderful bonuses to both new-coming and regular blackjack players!

If you wish to relish in some online blackjack, you first need to get acquainted with it. And that’s exactly what this guide will enable you to do. Here, we will cover the most vital aspects of playing blackjack online.

So let’s begin from the basics (assuming you already know the rules of blackjack in general). What kinds of online blackjack games exist?

Modern Online Blackjack Vs. Traditional Blackjack

Broadly speaking, online blackjack offers all the same game variations that you would normally come across in physical casinos. This means that Single Deck Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Classic Blackjack are all easily findable online. However, they do add a bit of a spin to the formula with the addition of a tweak or two.

Blackjack vs online Blackjack

The overarching goal of online blackjack developers seems to be to honor the traditional game, all the while building upon the foundation in innovative new ways. A common yet peculiar innovation you’ll come across is the inclusion of side bets.

These kinds of bets are a part of a wider pattern one may spot in online blackjack (and perhaps all Web casino games). Namely, the majority of these games strive to reduce the house edge in order to facilitate a higher payout for you, the player. Blackjack tends to have a low enough house advantage as is, so this trend is particularly intriguing.

Variants of Online Blackjack

As the push to evolve blackjack through the Internet carried on, some standardized forms of the game appeared across online casinos. We will briefly discuss these here, giving you all the key info you need about them.

Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack is a blackjack variant infamous for its astonishingly high RTP. It makes use of eight Spanish decks, which are devoid of any 10’s. When the player makes their initial bet, the dealer then draws a face-up card, placing it on the table. At that point, the player may make the so-called double attack wager. The gist of it is that you have a chance at boosting your winnings by increasing your bet if you believe that the dealer has lousy cards.

From then on, the cards are dealt as per usual, and the game allows you the standard options. These include standing, hitting, surrendering, splitting (permitting up to four resplits), doubling down, as well as 5-to-1 insurance. In this version, blackjack will yield a 1-to-1 profit.

But there also exists a side bet. It’s called Bust it! and it lets you bet that the dealer will bust. How large the payout is varies depending on which card busts the dealer. For example, three suited 8’s will swell your profits 200 to 1.

21 Duel

21 is a bit of an oddball among the blackjack variations. The main quirk of its is the direction in which the cards face. Namely, the dealer will deal only a single card face-down to you. Meanwhile, the dealer will keep both of theirs facing downward.

Two communal cards are also placed on the table, which both the player and the dealer may make use of during the game. Both have the right of using one of these cards in combination with one or both of your hand cards. 21 in casino

The way this game operates negates the ability to use insurance, doubles, or splits. Every combination equalling 21 has equal power. In other words, a blackjack holds just as much power as, for instance, three 7’s. This game’s side bet, the 2 Up, may pay out 20 to 1 in the case of any 3-of-a-kind combination, while any kind of pair yields a 3 to 1 payout.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In stark contrast to the 21 version from earlier, the dealer will distribute every card facing upward. The clear implication here is that the player is granted a significantly higher advantage. But the game is well aware that it’s throwing you a bone, and for that reason, it also throws some curveballs your way.

For one, payouts for any blackjack are even-money, instead of ballooning your profits. Secondly, whenever a tie transpires, the dealer automatically wins. The only exception to this rule is if both the dealer and the player hold a natural blackjack. Finally, you, as a player, may only perform one hand split.

Seeing that the cards the dealer plays with face up, there is no insurance option, Beyond that, other particulars about the game depend on the casino in which you’re playing. These may entail details such as should the dealer stand or hit on a soft 17.

Blackjack Switch

Remember when we mentioned that 21 was weird? Well, Switch may prove even stranger. The main catch with Switch is that the gambler plays two hands at the same time. Weirder still, you, the gambler, may swap the top two cards in your hand to create the mightiest combination.

From this, it follows that Switch boasts one of the highest payout percentages you’ll see in any blackjack game type. The base game plays out interestingly enough, but there also exist several minor variations that vary from place to place.

One of the most prominent variables is the inclusion of 1-to-1 payouts in the case of blackjack. 1-to-1 also typically occurs whenever the dealer lands on a soft 17. As far as side bets are concerned, the Super Match side bet is a staple of Switch. Should your hand contain a 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, a pair, or 4 of a kind, you’re entitled to an extra payout.

Live Blackjack Online

For those among you who are fond of the authentic casino experience, live dealer games of blackjack present a much-welcomed alternative. Nine times out of ten, these will be more traditional games, in favor of the zanier modern versions we just covered.

That aside, live online blackjack sessions will frequently include a wide range of side bets. The most common include the 21+3 and perfect pairs. In addition, these blackjack games also allow for betting behind. In essence, this is the ability to wager on the hand another player seated at the table holds. This actually represents a fine opportunity to become more familiarized with the game’s ins and outs.

Live Casino Blackjack Online

But, as we’ve already highlighted, the main draw of live blackjack must be the atmosphere. It jumps through all the hoops it needs to transport an entire casino to your computer/mobile device screen. You can even converse with the dealer, which is a lovely little touch.

Where to Play Online Blackjack: Finding the Optimal Casino

Now that you’ve got a decent idea of what awaits you on the virtual tables, you should now learn where to find these tables. More precisely, you ought to know how to discern between quality and rubbish online blackjack providers.

A few qualities separate terrific online blackjack casinos from the sub-par ones. We will go over these momentarily so that you have the knowledge to avoid any suspicious or unimpressive Internet wagering establishments.

Variety of Games

In most scenarios, the finest Web-based wagering venues will attempt to offer as many different games as feasible. What does that entail? For one, they will strive to include as many different game kinds. From Single Deck to European to 21 to Switch, they will do their best to prevent you from getting bored. On top of that, they might provide games from many different software developers.

Game Quality

Terrific though it may be, quantity alone simply won’t cut it. Rather, a quality casino will ensure that their blackjack selection is as outstanding as players could hope for. A person can do much more with a single diamond than with a thousand grains of sand, after all! So be on a constant lookout for sites that offer the cream of the crop.

Security of Play and Transfers

The most crucial factor to consider must be the safety of playing on a particular casino. Nobody feels like risking all of their personal and financial information becoming up for grabs by any bad actor who stumbles upon it. Furthermore, advanced encryption technology is a good sign of an Internet casino doing its best to safeguard your sensitive data, as well as your money.

Various Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

People tend to trust a single channel of money transfer and stick to it. That is why a splendid casino will accommodate as many ways to deposit or withdraw cash. Be it Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, or any other vastly widespread method of sending and receiving money, a good online wagering venue allows for the widest range of transfer methods possible.

Quality of Bonuses

Casino bonuses have become an industry standard at this point. Casinos left and right are alluring us with diverse exclusive bonuses if we sign up to their services. But you need to see how generous the bonuses a casino boasts actually are. When you check out an online casino, be sure to study it to discover the nature of its blackjack bonuses.

Research Before Joining

The key takeaway from the above advice is to do thorough research on the casino you’ve got a liking for. Make sure you understand all of the website’s rules. Read the terms and conditions carefully — if it’s jumbled and incomprehensible, that’s a red flag. Consult your most trusted sources and casino reviews to see what they’ve got to say about the site. In other words, gamble on the games, not on the casino.


Those looking to play online blackjack for real money need to first inform themselves on how to find the best games. They also need insight into gauging the quality of the casino in which they desire to enjoy said games. With the help of this handy guide, you now hold that skill set. As always, be smart about it and make your decisions prudent rather than rash. And don’t forget to enjoy!

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