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Review of Vegas Strip Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a gambling industry standard. It’s the crown jewel of table games and casino games in general. Any casino, be it land-based or otherwise, should not call itself such if it lacks blackjack games. They ought to offer at least one of its several variants.

Speaking of variants, the Vegas Strip version of blackjack, originating from Las Vegas’ legendary stretch of casino-laden street, is booming in popularity. Gamblers the world over praise it for being particularly entertaining since it adds some twists to the standard blackjack formula.

And now, with the rise of online gambling, one no longer needs to find themselves in the halls and walls of a physical casino to enjoy Vegas Strip blackjack. Rather, they have the option of playing online games for actual money anywhere they wish!

Numerous software developers, such as Microgaming and RTG, have devoted themselves to creating the finest virtual gambling experience for everyone. This and the many a generous online casino deposit/no deposit bonus have made internet betting, in general, a widely favorable activity in comparison to brick-and-mortar gambling.

But we’re here for Vegas Strip blackjack, the online one, to be more specific. Let’s discuss its rules and what makes it special. You’ll even get a few pointers for strategy, as well as a recommendation for a great piece of gaming software, in this Vegas Strip online blackjack review.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Rules

In essence, the rules remain the same as in any standard blackjack variation. Of course, it’s in the details where the game’s soul lies, and Vegas Strip has a few unique quirks.

The end goal is identical: your cards should amount to a number as close to 21 as possible, but not be larger than 21. Meanwhile, all face cards and the 10 are worth ten points, and the ace stands for either 1 or 11 points. Building a blackjack will yield a 3:2 payout, while an insurance guarantees a 2:1 profit. Both you and the dealer holding equally powerful hands results in a returned/pushed hand.

Should the dealer receive an ace or any 10-valued card, they may check (aka “peek”) their hole card to see if they hold a blackjack. If they do, the round is automatically theirs. Furthermore, the player has the option of doubling after a split. Any first two cards are available for doubling, as well.

A resplit is possible on any split hand twice, but the only exception to this rule is if you hold an already-split pair of aces. Beware, though, because if you split aces and draw a 10-point card, it will actually be weaker than a natural blackjack.

Overall, the game looks favorably on the player, with a pleasingly high payout percentage. Granted, blackjack card games in general have a relatively low house edge, but this type proves slightly more profitable than average.

Strategy for Vegas Strip Blackjack

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for the game’s particulars, you probably wish to learn some reliable tips on how to play it more effectively. Fear not, useful advice will abound in this very section of the article. Read on to learn some crucial Vegas Strip blackjack strategy.

As we’ve already touched upon, house advantage for Vegas Strip tilts to the player’s benefit. And had it allowed to resplit your aces, it would have been even easier to beat the dealer. Alas, it does not, so let’s not waste time on what-ifs.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Strategy

More specifically, house advantage is somewhere around 0.35 percent. This is, of course, assuming you’re implementing the correct strategies to assure victory. If you play blind, the odds will be stacked far more in the house’s favor, which you don’t want.

This is where you should consider locating a strategy chart for Vegas Strip. These show the most sensible decisions you can make with virtually every hand. It comes in extremely handy as a guide for what your next action should be, especially for beginners.

However, as useful as it is, a strategy chart only takes into account optimal conditions. After all, blackjack is a game of chance, and hands don’t always go your way. This is why you should also lean on a few more general pointers to help you navigate the game in the moment.

Key Tips for Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • When your cards total 9 to 11, and the dealer’s upcards value anything between 3 and 6, it’s smart to double your bet. This puts the dealer at a disadvantage since they risk busting, so you might as well bleed out some profit from the situation.
  • For similar reasons as above, 5-and-6-value upcards are great for doubling if you have A-2 through A-7 soft totals.
  • Should the dealer’s upcard value anything from 7 to A, and you hold a soft 16 (not two 8s), hitting it pays dividends.
  • Whenever possible, double 8 should be split. A hard 16 is basically the worst hand outcome, but you can save yourself with two 8s. By splitting, you wind up with two hands starting at 8, which is leagues better.
  • In the same spirit as the previous tip, split A pairs. You’ll face kinder odds when playing with two hands amounting to 11.
  • You shouldn’t split a pair of 5s. This is because they add up to a terrific 10, and they allow you to double down with much more success.
  • Two cards worth 10 should remain unsplit. Seeing that they amount to 20, your odds of coming out on top are more than decent. Ruining that with a split could result in you holding two far weaker hands.
  • If the dealer gets an A upcard, refrain from insuring. Being too keen on insurance will actually up the dealer’s advantage, so use it sparingly.

Recommendation for Online Vegas Strip Blackjack

Before we part ways, we would like to point you to a great online Vegas Strip blackjack game. You’ll find it across various casinos since it isn’t all that rare.

Microgaming stands as among the most prominent casino software developers currently in business. As such, you would be correct to assume they have some pretty solid titles in their repertoire.

This is why we would gladly recommend that you play Microgaming’s Gold Series Vegas Strip Blackjack. It’s top-notch release with a gripping, authentic atmosphere, and a range of neat options. You may play with a strategy chart if you so desire, and the Help section clarifies virtually everything you should know about the game.

With Microgaming software, you almost always end up with a quality experience, and this title is no exception to said rule.

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