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Review of the Best Online Roulette Games

Online casino games took over the gambling world by storm. They provide the ultimate comfort of playing from your own home (or wherever else, thanks to mobile technology). The only question remains: which are the best games to play online?

We will be discussing the best games of roulette, the staple of casinos, both brick-and-mortar and virtual. So stick around, so that you may learn what constitutes gambling’s crème de la crème in this online roulette games review.

Kinds of Roulette Games

Before we get to the actual online games, we should first discuss the most prominent roulette variations. Knowing which kind of roulette game you’re after is vital because their gameplay differs. These distinctions may not look like much, but they definitely impact your experience. That being said, there exist three standard variations of roulette.


This is the version that started it all. It originated in France, way back in the seventeenth century. And even though slight changes in the ruleset occurred (they added the zero in the eighteenth century), the game today still resembles what it once was.

It has numbers from 0 to 36, totaling 37. It has the peculiar “En Prison” rule, which comes into action whenever the ball hits zero during even-money wagers. Then, the player’s stake can, if they so choose, remain on the table for the duration of the following spin. Another rule in the French variant is “La Partage.” This rule functions much like the previous, with one exception. Namely, you may only reclaim half your wager under La Partage.

With its unique rules, French roulette offers a little more variation than the other kinds. This makes it a great pace-changer for those who’ve grown bored with other game types.

American (Double Zero)

American (Double Zero)

The American version of roulette differs little from the French variant, with the exception of lacking the two aforementioned rules. The main distinction stems from how the wheel itself is designed.

The first oddity you’ll notice straight away is that the American wheel has a 00 pocket on it. The biggest impact on the gameplay this brings is that the house edge becomes greater. This is due to the simple fact that the wheel presents players with more options, reducing their odds of lucking out.

If you inspect the wheel further, you will see another key difference. The numbers it holds span across in a logical sequence, rather than being random. They are set in a way that puts sequential numbers across from one another. So if you find the 1, you may rest assured that the 2 will be on the wheel’s opposite side.


European Roulette

Even though it enjoys the most popularity of all, this version bears a confusing similarity to French roulette. The wheel’s numbers go from 0 to 37, just like French, and they follow the same order of arrangement. But the main aspect that separates French and European roulette is the table layout.

As already stated, European roulette is the most widespread version you’ll find in both land-based and virtual live casinos. Therefore, you’ll have little to no difficulty finding a place to enjoy it.

Best Online Roulette Software Developers

It comes as little surprise that not all online roulette games are equal in quality. Some are honestly sub-par, while others excel, as one would expect. The most reliable way to decide whether a game deserves a chance (besides reading individual reviews) is to find out who developed it. To help you a tad, we’ll give mention to a few highly-regarded casino software developers.



Playtech is, simply put, an industry giant. They are one of online gambling’s largest companies, putting even the likes of William Hills to shame in terms of sheer production scope. Such a massive enterprise comes with high quality expectations, and Playtech certainly delivers.

They’ve regularly put out much-loved roulette games, such as Marvel or Pinball roulette. Their live games, in particular, are excellent. The dealers in these even speak multiple languages, accommodating a wide range of players.



At this point, NetEnt has become synonymous with quality. They’ve made quite a name for themselves since their founding in 1996, especially on the mobile gaming front. But mobile games are far from its only Ace in their sleeve since they provide a multitude of diverse game types.

As such, online gamblers know NetEnt for releasing well-rounded titles with admirable consistency. Another touch that players appreciate is that this developer often includes La Partage, which players love to rely on for tilting the odds to their advantage.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming

No list of this stripe can truly call itself valuable without including Evolution Gaming. This is because they currently set the bar for live roulette quality for all other developers. They offer country-specific games and include dealers speaking 10 different languages.

There’s really little one can do with words alone to convey just how well-polished and astonishing Evolution’s live roulette games are. But their crowning achievement must be the so-called Immersive roulette, which takes the authenticity aspect to entirely new levels. It even offers delightfully dramatic camera angles on the wheel as it spins! Most highly recommended.



Among the oldest in the business, Microgaming has spearheaded the online gambling boom since 1994. Over the years, they accumulated a sterling reputation for releasing excellent titles. They are well-known for their highly amusing Multi-Table Roulette, wherein players get to play several roulette wheels at once.

Microgaming also attracts players with its swanky Playboy-style live casino, even including Playboy Bunny dealers. Microgaming has long since been the word for excellence, and their roulette titles will engage you without fail.

What Makes a Good Online Roulette Game?

Although knowing who makes the top titles helps, you also need to be aware of the factors that comprise a top-notch game. Even low-end developers have the potential to release stellar gaming software, so relying solely on brand names is only half the puzzle. With that, let’s see what a fine roulette makes.


In comparison to most other gambling games, roulette is pretty simple. So the bulk of its fairness boils down to good old randomness. If a title tends to lean too much to the house edge-wise, there’s little point in playing it. Rather, you should look for games that hold no bias either way, to ensure the best odds of winning.


We all like to pretend we look beyond the book’s cover, but we cannot deny that solid graphics and audio dramatically improve the gaming experience. Real-time roulette especially benefits from lively and engaging dealers, particularly the ones that strive to build a certain kind of atmosphere. Although it isn’t the sure marker of a great game, aesthetics definitely matter.


For the most authentic gameplay, online roulette players should be treated to all the quirky rules that differentiate each particular variant of roulette. For example, removing the La Partage rule from the French standard drains it of its spirit to a point. Oftentimes, these rules also serve to give the player a measure of power against the house. Their inclusion is a telltale sign of games with integrity.

Requirements for Good Roulette Casinos

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of how to discover the finest roulette games, you should next learn how to pinpoint the best online casino for roulette. Naturally, you won’t simply lay your money down on the first virtual establishment you see. No; you ought to be more discerning. But what truly makes a good casino site for roulette players?

Terrific Roulette Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses show how much web casinos care about their new-coming players. To that end, you would be wise to search for casinos that offer the best bonuses out there. A simple rule to follow is: the more generous, the better! However, always make sure you carefully read the rules casinos set out regarding the use of these bonuses.

Variety of Games

Variety represents the spice of life, as the age-old proverb goes. And casinos should always obey this universal rule by showering players with as many different titles and game types as possible. The best casinos will provide a vast array of releases, including all the most beloved game variants (as well as a few oddball games). In addition, they will often go out of their way to deliver games from different software providers, catering to the widest amount of players.


Understandably, we all get somewhat fidgety when our hard-earned money is on the line. This is why the finest online casinos will invest the utmost effort into facilitating the safest platform they can. That includes sporting only fair and random gameplay and implementing bleeding-edge encryption technology to ensure your identity and personal information remain untouched.

Mobile Games

The rise of mobile gaming has prompted developers the world over to pay attention to mobile gamers’ needs. Tons of quality mobile titles have already been developed, and the finest online casinos know that excluding them from their repertoire is a major missed opportunity. Therefore, they will allow all the usual platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) to access their online roulette games with games specialized to please these players.

High Payout Percentages

Nobody likes a cheapskate casino, simple as that. As players, we want the most favorable odds of walking away with a profit. To that goal, top online casinos give players a fighting chance with bountiful payout percentages. Anything but just feels unfair and will drive gamblers away to other more generous establishments.

Wrap-up for Best Online Roulette Games

Having studied this guide, you now know exactly how to find the finest online roulette games the gambling world has to offer! As long as you carefully choose your casino, you will have the skill set required to differentiate between the best and the rest.

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