zeldris demon king

Longevity: Unlike other regular Demons who can only live for 1000 years, the Demon King seems to have an indefinite lifespan as he has lived in Purgatory for over a billion years without showing any changes to his status despite how Purgatory's time is vastly faster than on Earth.

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Despite his ruthless attitude and harsh judgment, the Demon King isn't completely unforgiving and without mercy: While hostile and even mocking towards his traitorous son when he was in Purgatory, he was fully willing to crown his former favored, the strongest son Meliodas as the new demon king when he had returned to his old self and was visibly pleased by this. The Tansoku no Kenjin recovers and then releases a powerful blast from its mouth, devastating much of Camelot.

Seven Deadly Sins vs. Chimera Indura

The Demon King reminds Meliodas that after his body awoke to the power of the Demon King, Meliodas could no longer be in the real world for more than a day, but Meliodas affirms that is okay as long as he can break the curse of Elizabeth and say goodbye to the Seven Deadly Sins.
The Demon King tries to attack him with his claws, but Ban uses his speed to evade and punch him in the face, but the Demon King manages to block it, having to stop his storm in the process.

His heir was initially loyal enough to his father that he relentlessly did battle with the Goddesses every day and night despite how foolishly he thought of the war between the Demon and Goddess Clan was. After losing both his hosts, after the commandments were ejected, the Demon King started infusing them into the surrounding plant life, animals and environment including the mountains, taking form as an enormous monstrosity dwarfing a giant and could be seen all the way from Liones.

The Demon King and the other members of the Demon Clan were eventually sealed away after losing the Holy War. Power Level: In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength.

Customize your avatar with the Demon King Zeldris (-) and millions of other items. Occupation

Like all members of the Demon Clan, Zeldris possesses the mysterious jet-black power of darkness which he can use for a variety of purposes, such as forming wings to fly.

Even after managing to form a counter for the King, in the end, the Demon King was too powerful and only with Wild sacrificing himself was Meliodas and Ban able to escape. He also has his own original magic power called Ominous Nebula, which he can combine with God to ascend him to his full fighting capability.

Zeldris saving Estarossa. It came at the cost of Estarossa being left mentally unstable as the Commandment slowly ate away at his mind and soul.

Demon King Outcome


Ban furiously strikes the Demon King claiming that Zeldris is his own flesh and blood.

New Holy War arc

The two then enter a physical contest, going blow for blow. Meliodas confronts him with a sword of darkness, while Ban kicks the Demon King in the head, smashing him into the ground.

Meliodas states that since his friends' existence and emotions have given him strenght, the Demon King has lost any chance of defeating him. Dragon hunting However, Meliodas is able to repel his attack and knock him down, piercing several holes in his chest as well with small dark spheres.

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