vegan lasagna zucchini

I made “ricotta” with Ripple instead of water – I’m going to make all vegan cheeses with that from now on. Just wanted to note that there are nomato sauce recipes! Can this be made with regular lasagna noodles? Is that the wrong kind?

I have made vegan ricotta without the nutritional yeast. Best vegan ricotta I have ever made! Any suggestions? Hmm, not sure! We’re so glad your family enjoyed it! This didn’t effect the flavor in any way, but it did cause the tomatoe sauce to spill slightly from the pan to the oven floor.

The tomatosauce selfmade/bought always is too thin and I and up with a lot of liquid. You can definitely freeze the ricotta!

Tried this and would not make again but nice to try new things out! Thank you for another FANTASTIC recipe! If using store-bought ricotta, transfer to a bowl.

I added some quinoa that was left over from last night’s dinner. I have now happily devoured two portions of it and am not totally not sharing the rest. I see that a few people have commented on the wateriness of the dish. This was delicious!! I’m also quite obsessed with zucchini at the moment so I must try this recipe. You can also subscribe without commenting.

This was delish! Maybe less liquid though? I did a lentil bolognese from scratch instead of the plain marinara for the layers and the the vegan ricotta came out soooo good and tasty! :), Made this for my family and it was a hit!

The texture would be off. I made mine by mixing eggplant slices and the lasagna pasta and some spinach. Just out of curiosity, what vegan cheese did you use? It was probably the water released from the zucchini. Top the spinach & basil with another layer of zucchini and repeat 2 more times. I made this last night and needless to say it was delicious. Do you have any suggestions? It was very good. It was delish!! Can it be assembled then baked the next day? Have you come across anything that can replace nutritional yeast?

Sounds lovely! The vegan Parmesan cheese was also very delightful and I enjoyed sprinkling gobs of extra on my dish.

I will definitely be making this one again. Thank you for all your great recipes. What the heck does “seam side down” mean? :). I found Kite Hill ricotta (and other products) at our local Co-op in Arcata and Eureka, California, so check your local health food stores or Co-ops if you are interested in trying Kite Hill. Use immediately or transfer to sealed container to use for future recipes! Good luck!

I did lightly salt the zucchini slices and let them rest for a good 1/2 hr before dabbing them dry. Thanks so much!

We subbed in tofu, would love to try it with macadamia nuts but our shops let us down. I’ll try it next time with almonds, though, just to see how it matches up.) Super simpleNutritiousFlavorfulVegetable-packedProtein- & fiber-richHearty& Delicious. I found it added a nice texture. So it all went into the Vitamix, which overheated on me twice. I kicked it up a notch by making it with the sauce that you can find in the Bruno Albouze recipe for ratatouille on Youtube.

I used tofu instead of nuts. Easy, quick and delicious. Reminded me of calabacitas. what did I do wrong? I will never use normal lasagna sheets ever again. I was going to make this recipe, but I was confused on what kind of tofu to use. I just made this and the results were AMAZING – the ricotta really did taste very close to the ‘real thing’. This is now my go-to recipe for dinners with friends — have made it many times and it’s SO GOOD. I’ll be making it this week too, at their request! Mine was so watery it was basically soup. Hope that helps! Let us know if you give it a try! My meat-eating fiancé couldn’t stop talking about how good it was! They should be ready to become ricotta if you’ve just blanched them! 2. So why not try our hand at making something a bit healthier?

But either way fantastic! I used zucchini layers and Tofu ricotta but this didn’t work for me at all :-(. Yes same here can’t afford Macedonia nuts.

Ingredients 3 or 4 medium zucchini (about 18 one eighth inch slices) Amazing!! Torn between trying it with gluten free noodles and sticking with the low carb zucchini noodles! Thanks for sharing! Thanks so much for the recipe. It is one of my favorite dish in all of time. I think next time I may salt the zucchini and squeeze it with paper towels to pull out some of the water.

We use this mandolin and it holds the zucchini lengthwise without an issue. I think the salting yields a crunchier texture, which would probably be more up your alley . What is one does not have tinfoil – any suggestions, can we just follow the instructions but without the foil? Next time will try the salting method. It is amazing! Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out! Thanks for sharing! First things first, let's talk noodles. Did not miss the pasta at all! I made this! The ricotta does require a little extra effort to spread. I cooked it for only 25 minutes and let it sit. Not a dumb question!

Even my dad (who is the biggest meat-lover in the world) thought this was amazing! To use this method, lay the zucchini slices on a baking sheet that you line with paper towels. I’ll be honest when I went to the store and saw the price of raw macadamia my eyes bugged out, but I always say to follow the recipe then adjust next time.

I topped it with my own homemade vegan parm (cashew, nootch mix). If only I could get the kiddos to try.

I like that it feels like a complete meal, though I did serve it along with some garlic bread.

You guys, I made this last night and it is DELICIOUS. I did not have vegan Parmesan, but sprinkled vegan shredded mozzarella on top instead. My husband and I LOVED the flavor and texture of the macadamia nut “ricotta.” Thank you for your inventiveness in the kitchen! Those were the only changes, but that’s because that’s what I would normally do. What appliance did you use? Xo, You can sprinkle with our vegan parm: 10/10 would recommend and I will make this again! Then sprinkle on some salt. I tend to like a lasagna on the saucy side so next time I would cut the cheese filling in half and add a bit more sauce. Trust me. I’ve made this many times and love it! I have always loved macadamia nuts and they are full of nutrition. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? This is one of my all time favourite recipes! xo, I want to make this but my Madoline slices are only 3 millimeters (1/8 inch) at the thickest. I may try a mix of the almond and macadamia next time. This is delicious! I find the texture of the macadamia nuts mimics mince slightly.

Made it twice already (eating it right now) and its absolutly awesome! I also used Muir Glen spicy Arrabbiata sauce. Xo. Looks great though, ready to bake now!

very delicious and satisfying. After the initial 45 minutes of baking, yes, there is some liquid.

I only added roughly 1/8 C water to the ricotta mix instead of 1/2 C. I REALLY wish I had a mandolin because it would’ve saved me so much time and effort. I just adjust the salt, lemon, garlic powder to my taste preference and it works fine! Thanks for sharing :). Be soooo careful if using one. Just wondering if you have an idea how this could be done in the crockpot? whew! Can’t wait to see what else your genius brain comes up with! How did it turn out? can may be half nuts half beans peas used for ricotta? I made it with blanched almonds and I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like the real thing. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Loula! Pat them dry.

It tastes just like the “real” thing, but it uses no noodles, is low carb, gluten-free and isn't watery at all! Used cashews for the ricotta layers, came out very tasty! And honestly? I made this with your lentil bolognese sauce (my husband’s favorite!) I used 1 cup macadamias, 1 cup soaked cashews and about 3/4 cup organic tofu (drained and pressed) and it turned out fabulous! Made as directed with tofu, with the extra basil, nooch, and salt as suggested. I also added sautéed spinach and mushrooms to my layers. Perhaps like many of you, we were under the impression that lasagna originated in Italy. I ran out of sauce before I ran out of the cheese. Perhaps it was too wet. Can I prepare this a day or two ahead of time and leave in the fridge until I’m ready to bake? I will definitely be making this again. At least, that’s what happened for me. My boyfriend’s mom (who’s not vegan) even went as far as saying that it’s the best lasagna she’s ever had. I have linked the kind of tofu I was going to buy: We’ve never had an issue with it being watery, but some other readers have. It’s healthy, easy to prepare, and so tasty. i guess 3 cups put it over! We are sorry you didn’t have success with this recipe. My self and my mom are the only ones in our house that are vegan, but everyone including the meat eaters loved it! However, the zucchini released a lot of water as it cooked, and while it tasted great, it was a mess on my plate. (Traders joes has the best prices on macadamia nuts that I’ve found)… Based on other comments I may try it next time with sauteed spinach and mushrooms to up the layers. I made the recipe, and a couple things I had questions about. Thanks – this recipe is brilliant and will now be a regular dish I will make.! Also made the parm. This means that cooking for him is hard! I am excited to try it :). Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of Italian seasonings. You could also use the macadamia ricotta to adapt my Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake for another delicious lasagna-inspired dish! Thank you :). I was skeptical, but thought, what have I got to lose (besides $15 of quality macadamia nuts lol)? Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness!

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