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Fat (FT): Differences for fat thickness, in inches, for a carcass over the 12th rib, smaller numbers of fat thickness are preferable as excess fat can be detrimental to yield grade. The combination of database information and genomic data resulted in EPDs that roll the accuracy of a DNA test and the information of individual, pedigree, and progeny performance into one, easy to use number.

Maternal traits. TM Index = MK EPD + ½ WW EPD. In an EPD listing, an accuracy number is often published below its corresponding EPD. Below you will find this information from their website, The rate of genetic change in an operation is dependent on four factors: Monday-Friday

Gelbvieh Association 50th Anniversary Celebration Postponed to 2021 October 5th, 2020 The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) board of directors has made the difficult decision to postpone the association’s 50th anniversary celebration to late 2021. Suite 215 Breed Average EPD Value Breed Birth Weight Weaning Weight Yearling Weight Milk Angus +1.8 +48 +86 +24 Beefmaster +0.3 +10 +14 +2 Braford +1.1 +1 +17 +3 Brahman +1.7 +16 +25 +6 Brangus +0.8 +24 +44 +11. Greater ribeye areas are preferable.

Suite 215 Lincoln, NE 68510, ©2019 - American Gelbvieh Association | Managed by EDJE |. A negative, or lesser value, is more favorable. Van Eenennaam, A.
Weaning weight (WW): Predicts the difference, in pounds, for weaning weight (adjusted to age of dam and a standard 205 days of age). FPI™ which stands for feeder profit index: An economic selection index designed to aid producers in selecting sires whose progeny will perform in the feedlot and are sold on a grade and yield standpoint.

EPDs are measured in the units of the trait, and show the differences in performance between animals.

2. selection intensity Accuracy is defined as the strength of the relationship between a prediction (EPD) and a sire’s true genetic value.

30-month pregnancy (Pg30): Predicts the probability that a bull’s daughters will become pregnant and calve at three years of age, given that they calved as first-calf heifers. Genomic Enhanced EPDs: Add Reliability to Your Tools for Genetic Improvement. American Gelbvieh Association 1001 S. 70th Street Suite 215 Lincoln, NE 68510

The addition of genomic data to an EPD calculation is comparable to adding another source of information, like progeny or pedigree records.

The table below is a display of estimated progeny equivalents. Just a few notes

References Yield grade (YG): Differences in yield grade score, which is a predictor of percent retail product.

GE EPDs help to reduce the amount of error between the difference in an animal’s true genetic merit and its predicted genetic merit (in other words, an EPD). EPD Definitions. 3. genetic variation Dr. Dorian Garrick of Iowa State University reported that a Gelbvieh/Balancer® specific panel of DNA markers can be used to develop genomic-enhanced EPDs (GE EPDs).

Contest Resources; Contest Forms; Contest Score Sheets; AGJA Leadership. Calving ease direct (CED): Percent of unassisted births of a bull’s calves when he is used on heifers. Accuracies range from zero to one, with numbers closer to one being more accurate. We have already discussed how genomic data improves accuracy by adding another piece of information to EPD calculations.

Calving ease direct (CED): Percent of unassisted births of a bull’s calves when he is used on heifers. EPD breed averages updated four times a year. 1. *Average daily gain (ADG): Difference in average daily gain in pounds based on an animal’s performance during a feed intake test period. Heifer pregnancy (HP): Predicts the probability that a bull’s daughters will become pregnant as first-calf heifers in a regular breeding season, expressed as a percent. Greater marbling numbers are preferable and are an indicator of higher carcass quality grades. *Residual feed intake (RFI): Defined as the difference between an animal’s actual daily feed intake and its predicted daily intake based on growth rate and body size. In other words, accuracy is an indicator of the reliability of an EPD. This results in an EPD with a low accuracy calculation. 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. CT, American Gelbvieh Association

It is important to remember that this number is just a prediction of performance. For more information on GE EPDs, call the office at 303-465-2333. Marbling (MB): Predicts the differences in the degree of marbling within the ribeye as expressed in marbling score units.

*Mature weight EPD (MW): Predicts the average difference in pounds of mature weight of a sire’s progeny compared to their contemporaries. University of California Extension. The stayability EPD is one of the best measures currently available to compare a bull’s ability to produce females with reproductive longevity.
Animals with a positive RFI value are deemed more inefficient because they consume more than expected while animals with a negative RFI value are considered more efficient because they consume less than expected. The American Gelbvieh Association first incorporated genomic information into the summer 2013 genetic evaluation. As a terminal index, little emphasis is put on maternal traits such as stayability and calving ease.

GE EPDs affect two factors in this equation: accuracy of selection and generation interval. Lincoln, NE 68510, ©2019 - American Gelbvieh Association | Managed by EDJE |.

This EPD is expressed as a percent, again, with a higher number being more favorable meaning a higher percentage of a sire’s daughters will calve at three years of age, given they calved as first-calf heifers. This is a benefit to producers because it will allow more progress in their breeding goals in a shorter amount of time.

A higher number is favorable, meaning better calving ease. Total maternal (TM): An index that combines growth and milk information as a prediction of the weaning weight performance of calves from a sire’s daughters. Ribeye area (REA): Differences in ribeye area in inches between the 12th and 13th rib.

AGJA Board of Directors; AGJA Ambassador Program; … It follows that EPDs on young animals with very little accuracy have the possibility to change a great deal over time. Possible change is another measure of accuracy that indicates the amount of future change in an EPD prediction (Bourdon, 2000). Specifically on lowly heritable traits, such as reproduction, genomic data has the potential to greatly increase the accuracy of an EPD prediction. Increasing accuracy

This EPD can be vital to a rancher looking to decrease the amount of calves pulled in his herd. Monday-Friday Dry matter intake (DMI): Represents the average daily dry matter intake per day consumed in pounds.

EPD Info. On young animals without individual or progeny performance records, genetic merit is estimated in the form of an EPD calculated by taking the average breeding value of its parents (VanEenennaam, 2009). This EPD is important to a rancher’s bottom line because it predicts which animals produce daughters with a genetic pre-disposition to calve unassisted as heifers. Efficiency profit index (EPI): An economic selection index developed to aid producers in selecting for more feed efficient cattle that still have acceptable amounts of gain. Calving ease maternal (CEM): Represented as percent of unassisted births in a sire’s first-calving daughters.

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