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Fetchr’s investment for the future will continue to focus on sustainability, the world we ship around, and of course you, the people that we serve. One piece of advice Al Rifai offers is that entrepreneurs should not launch a product too late. “And secondly, there’s the app and anything that is customer-facing or e-commerce client-facing – we built that from the ground up too.”. The company is also exploring strategic partnerships with global service providers and large retailers and is implementing a unique asset-light business model for accelerated growth. Agility, flexibility, reliability and service customization are part of the Fetchr DNA. The Transformation Team not only secured a USD 10Mn bridge loan from key investors but also appointed a new management team with Hussein Wehbe, former UPS and Aramex Managing Director (Middle East), as the new CEO in addition to key seasoned talents in executive positions. Founded in 2012, with a cloud technology platform and digital-only approach, Fetchr was born to disrupt the traditional supply chain model. We deliver. USD 26Bn in 2020) larger than its domestic e-Commerce market (est. Fetchr is currently operating in the UAE, KSA, and Egypt. Middle East & Africa is the only region forecasted to have a cross-border e-Commerce market (est. One size certainly doesn’t fit all. For media inquiries, please reach out to Fetchr Media Relations at [email protected] Scale comes naturally as the next step on the products you build.”. Similar to Uber, the app uses a smartphone’s GPS location as an address and delivers packages to the receiver’s mobile phone location. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Fetchr’s investment for the future will continue to focus on sustainability, the world we ship around, and of course you, the people that we serve. fetchr - Middle East's largest Logistics News portal. The most informative business resource for the logistics, air cargo, supply chain and sea freight industries.

Fetchr allows both the community and businesses to send or receive anything, anywhere, in the Middle East. Technology and people are the heart of Fetchr’s innovation engine.

There are two main parts to the app’s technology infrastructure, says Al Rifai. It took a lot of hard work and tough decisions, as we optimised operations, diversified revenue streams, reduced costs and charted a clear path to profitability to bring about the turnaround in the company’s prospects. Cookie Preferences We have developed a great product mix for B2C, B2B and C2C clients and differentiate from traditional logistics companies by offering flexible cash solutions among other incentives.
USD 17Bn in 2020) this year onwards. As a result, we have developed a full range of intelligent logistics services, suiting the needs of local and international organizations, as well as individuals. This email address is already registered.

That’s why our positioning, predictive and machine learning technologies are so uniquely equipped to meet the transport and shipping demands of the generations. The positive impact brought about by Fetchr’s AI implementation and technology overhaul has also been matched by the recruitment of solid managerial talent that will take it towards a better future. You can rely on our professional team of Fetchers for all your shipping needs. Despite the numerous advantages, organisations with a lot of legacy workloads can't or won't move everything to the cloud. Al Rifai says customer experience, lead time and performance remain top of mind for Fetchr as it expands into emerging markets, but he points out that startups rarely think about scaling up at the beginning. USD 17Bn in 2020) this year onwards. Silicon Valley investors such as New Enterprise Associates, Nokia Oyj’s venture capital arm and Winklevoss Capital were among its backers. We decided to enable growth by turning limitation into a competitive advantage. The last mile remains unconquered territory with significant challenges and costs for retailers.

That creates a lot of difficulties, along with the high salaries required.”.

Your brand is our brand.

You sell. Last-mile delivery is one of the greatest reasons why e-commerce has not reached its full potential in the Middle East. After approval of the new funding at its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 20th August 2020, the company is confident of raising a further USD 10Mn before the end of 2020 as start-up funding has begun to look up in the region. It closed non-performing country offices, improved efficiencies and reduced costs by diversifying revenues and streamlining call centre operations. Fetchr has you covered for all of your domestic or cross border shipments. One of our sales representative managers will contact you within 24 hours for the next details for your business. Arabian Supply Chain includes latest news, analysis and comments, business opportunities, tenders, Market watch, project announcements, interactive community features and much more. Al Rifai launched Fetchr, the region’s first “phone-to-phone” delivery service, with just three developers in 2012. My mission is to empower delivery through technology. Fetchr’s transformation team has made several key changes to the company’s operations. Fetchr’s fortunes have been fuelled by the rise of e-commerce in the Middle East. Founded in 2012, with a cloud technology platform and digital-only approach, Fetchr was born to disrupt the traditional supply chain model. Fetchr, once one of the rising stars of the Middle East’s nascent startup scene, was valued at almost $300m in a 2017 fund-raising round.

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